How We Choose Startup Founders

  • Passionate: willing to spend 10+ years of their life working on this problem
  • Technical: has the technical abilities to build and scale the product
  • Coachable: open to new perspectives and advice
  • Driven and Persistent: is competitive and has a burning desire to win
  • Fundraiser: has the ability to convey the business opportunity to investors and get them excited to support it
  • Recruiter: can inspire other A-players to join the team
  • Communicator: can articulate the company’s vision and is a compelling storyteller
  • Likable: we’ll be excited to spend a significant amount of time with this person over the next several years
  • Humble: has the humility to lead a team and weather ups and downs
  • Transparent: shares the good and the bad news openly and tells the “real story”
  • Expert: has background knowledge that puts him/her in a better position in his/her domain to succeed




Consumer tech investor and startup supporter @mavenvc.

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Sara Deshpande

Sara Deshpande

Consumer tech investor and startup supporter @mavenvc.

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